still can’t get over my waist in this photo though 



still can’t get over my waist in this photo though 


pointless long post about my day

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last night i dreamed

is it dreamed or dreamt

whatever, last night i dreamed there was a scorpion in the light above my bed and it was wearing hoya’s btd outfit, with the buttons and gold sash thing and everything, but it had extra leg holes and it fell onto my face and it was so horrible, and i brushed it off onto the floor and then i woke up and i was scared to look at the ground because i thought it might be there looking at me but i didn’t want to go back to sleep because i thought it might climb onto my bed


i had a nice playtime with sara (http://lo-ster.tumblr.com/) today after school. she’s cute.

one more final tomorrow - biology. gotta go study! i can’t believe i have B+’s in english and health, two of the easiest classes. ugh.

studying now, bye :)

useless now :(

lol maybe i should do a giveaway

i need chords for SNSD’s Complete for pianooooo

help me

her new cone of shame is here

this is what it looks like now 

it’s a really flattering picture of her, i know


with the teeth and hood and everything

i’m gonna go play RuneScape for the Easter event, bye

i’m sitting here in front of Sica’s crate with my laptop cause i have to watch her since she chewed her cone collar thing (whatever it’s called) broken. we got her spayed on monday and it’s thursday now and if she keeps breaking them in three days, we’ll need like, three more -__-

sica y u have to chew on everything you see